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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BoxGuard and what does it do?
BoxGuard is a low maintenance junk e-mail filter that has the ability to learn and evolve automatically. Many junk e-mail filters are based on a static list of 'junk' keywords. BoxGuard uses advanced filtering technology that actually learns from the e-mails that are sent to your domain. When an e-mail is identified as junk, BoxGuard analyzes the message and then places it in a web-based "quarantine". BoxGuard also analyzes "good" e-mail to learn what types of messages you receive at your domain and avoid false positives.

What's new in BoxGuard 2.0?
Here are a few of the things that have changed in BoxGuard 2.0:

  • Auto-learning junk e-mail filter (see above)
  • Shared/domain-wide sender white-list and black-list
  • Virus blocker
  • New quarantine features
    • Faster load time
    • Instant message preview
    • Easy message release
    • Search messages based on sender, subject or delivery date
    • Optionally white-list the sender and re-train BoxGuard when releasing messages from the quarantine.
    • Old quarantine messages are deleted automatically after a user-defined period of time
    • List up to 500 messagse per page

What happened to the Virtual Receptionist feature from BoxGuard 1.0?
The Virtual Receptionist was using an anti-junkmail technique known as "Challenge/Response". The "Challenge/Response" approach has become somewhat controversial for a number of reasons. Some junk email filtering organizations have begun blocking mail servers that use "Challenge/Response" systems. So, while the technique may help prevent junk email from reaching your domain, it may also prevent you from sending valid email to some mail servers.

Can I delete messages from my junk-mail quarantine?
No, e-mail messages in the quarantine are deleted automatically after a certain amount of time. However, you may adjust how long BoxGuard keeps each message in the quarantine before it is deleted.

What are the bennefits of using the sender white-list?
By using the sender white-list you will not only ensure safe email delivery for your most important contacts but you will also be training BoxGuard on how to recognise what your "good" e-mail looks like. Because spammers tend to forge the sender email address to match the destination, it is reccomended that you do not white-list your own email address or domain.

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